Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NYT's "The Roving Runner" x5

I'm a little behind on re-posting "The Roving Runner" column by The New York Times writer Brian Fidelman.

So here are the most recent links.

In his September 11, 2009 column, Fidelman is sidelined by a pinched nerve in his neck which manifested itself as the result of a sneeze. He asks readers not to laugh when he reveals his injury but I wasn't laughing. As a life-long allergy sufferer I can relate to sneezing so mightily that you injure yourself. For me it usually affects my lower back.

By September 18, 2009, he's able to run again and files his first non-NYC-based report for The Running Rover. He travels to Chicago, for the first time ever, and writes about his runs along Lake Michigan.

On September 25, 2009, he's back in NYC and explores Staten Island.

This next one is great and very timely. One October 5, 2009, Fidelman invites Christopher McDougall, author of the best-selling book "Born to Run," to join him on a run. Fidelman somewhat reluctantly agrees to try barefoot running on this run. You'll laugh when you read about the 'special equipment' McDougall uses to watch out for things like rocks and broken glass.

And finally, in his latest column on October 16, 2009, Fidelman explores Brooklyn's Prospect Park.

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