Monday, August 31, 2009

Barefoot running?

The only times I've run barefoot (since childhood) have been a couple of sessions of strides on grass after hard workouts (in shoes).

But I've definitely seen people running, even road races (ouch!), sans footwear.

This article in The New York Times explores the increasingly heated debate between shoe manufacturers, physicians and barefoot or minimalist enthusiasts.

Chris has jumped on the minimalist bandwagon, purchasing Vibram FiveFingers and Nike Free shoes, at least as additions to his extensive running shoe collection. [see photo, courtesy of Chris Fuller of The Sporting Life, at left.]

Me? I tend to over cushion my runs, but I'm slowly learning I can step down to less cushion with no adverse reaction to my workouts, recoveries or lower limbs. However, I don't think I'd ever go all the way to bare feet for running on roads.

What do you think?

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  1. A fun subject, although hard to imagine in the winter! I logged 40 barefoot miles last year, usually 3 mile fun speedwork(!), up to 5! Sometimes I had archpain on my right foot, and after 3 minutes barefooting, pain gone, so says something!